Arranging a hallway is an important element of interior design as you’ll want to create a warm and welcoming entrance to your home. As well as being a homely atrium, a hallway needs to offer practical storage solution for shoes, bags and coats too.  Hallway arrangement is therefore an often over-looked but essential aspect of interior design.  Whether the space you have is small or large, creating the perfect, practical hallway can set the tone for the rest of your home.

Make a great first impression

When someone enters your home, the first thing they see is your hallway and we all know how important first impressions are.  Lighting is an important element of creating a welcoming space. Make sure you arrange the furniture in a way that allows space for either a table or floor lamp. Also place fresh flowers, pot pourri or scented candles to this area to make it smell good as soon as someone walks into your hall, this also masks the smell of shoes.

Make the most of unusual nooks and crannies

Hallways come in all shapes and sizes and often contain nooks and crannies that simply don’t exist in the rest of the home.  Make the most of these spaces with innovative or bespoke shelving solutions that fill the gaps.

Choose the Right Hallway Furniture

Choosing the right hallway furniture such as shoe storage and shelving can make the difference between a tidy ordered hallway and a chaotic-looking entrance. Furniture in the hallway should always serve a purpose as well as look good. This includes shelving, a shoe organizer and even a small console table for letters and keys.  If space allows then a small bench is also a great addition. A good hallway bench incorporates storage space below the seat. As the entrance to your home, the furniture in a hallway needs to be of aesthetically-rich design too, and not be simply practical. Whatever your style. make sure it can be experienced from the outset by choosing high-quality, design-led items.

Shoe rack

Custom Shoe and Clever Coat Storage

A shoe rack or shoe organizer is essential in creating a harmonious and tidy hallway.  When working with unusual spaces, it’s important to find furniture which maximizes the space. Be creative in where to install coat hooks and consider bespoke shoe storage such as a custom shoe rack, which can be tailored to fit your exacting measurements. Quality, design-led bespoke shoe organizers can be easily installed without specialist carpentry knowledge.  Making the most of the shape means there’s always room for the entire families shoe collection too.

Small Hallway Decorating Ideas

If your hallway is particularly small, then it’s even more of a challenge to arrange it in a way that is both welcoming and practical.  Use the space above the door for additional storage and even consider placing coat hooks on the back of the front door. To maximise floor space use the higher areas of the walls for additional storage.  Again, custom shoe organizers and shelves are a great choice as they are ideal for making the most of a small hallway.

Declutter and Clean Regularly

Junk mail, old shoes and bags can easily build up in the hallway, which can fast become a dumping ground if it’s not regularly decluttered.  Stay on top of it by decluttering on a regular, weekly basis to ensure all old mail is removed and seasonal coats and shoes are stored away when not in use.

Dust and dirt will build-up in a hallway faster than the rest of the house because of the dirt from under shoes and leaves getting blown in.  Don’t miss out the hallway during your weekly dust and vacuum.

Arranging a hallway is a more important element of home décor than you may realise, but always remember that this is the first place that visitors will see and also the first room you return home to after a long day.  When you consider which furniture to buy think about the space you have and consider custom furniture which will make better use of space. This includes everything from shelving to hallway shoe storage. Also remember to keep things clean, clear of clutter, well-lit and fragrant too.


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  1. Wow! This is amazing! My biggest challenge at home has been my hallway. Currently, it is full of various furniture that are less appealing. There is also a clutter of old shoes which makes the whole place very untidy. With these hallway ideas, I am going to transform my space, and the first thing I will do is declutter to get adequate space. I am also going to install a floating shelf and a coat hunger. I am thinking of repainting the hallway to remove the dirt marks from the walls. I am, however, still debating on the paint. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated 🙂

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