Are you looking for an eye-opener to help you use the area under your stairs? Under the stairs, space can be helpful for multiple purposes. Consider the following under stairs ideas to lighten up the secret area under your stairs.

Make it into a home office

When working at home, many distractions can affect your work. Consider locating your home office in a private place to help you work. You can turn the unused space under your stairs into a cozy home office. If the area is spacious, you can add a desk to create your workspace or a reading place under your stairs. You can visit Tylko: for more inspiration about how to use space under the stairs.

Store indoor plants and decorations

Plant lovers and people who love going green can utilize the space by adding fancy plants or arranging the plant pots on the floor. Turn the area into a green corner and enjoy a feel-good vibe around the house. The best way to decorate using flowers is to fix a cabinet to place a flower vase. Flowers leave your home with a fresh, pleasant look; consider mixing up the flowers because different flowers will give you a different look and mood.

Install a shoe rack

Shoes can mess up the house, especially if not well stored; utilize the under the space and install a shoe rack. There are different types of shoe racks that you can install, namely;

  • Floor Trolley; made of wood and it can be placed under your stairs with the shoes on top of it. The roller can hold a good many shoes without interfering with your living space.
  • Pocket organizer; Its pockets are transparent, and It requires only requires little space to be mounted for unique shoe storage under stairs.
  • Awoodenshoe rack is designed into shelve-like units or cubicle-like designs. The spacing of the shelves will guide you on how many shoes it will hold.

A shoe rack can help you arrange all your shoes fast and maintain your interior beauty; therefore, consider under stairs shoe storage.

Under stairs storage ideas

Under stairs storage is a fantastic idea that is not so common. You can transform your staircase space into a quaint pantry, ideal for storing all your dry foods. Consider these unique under stair ideas that will help you gloom your home.


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