One of the downsides of having a small room is that the space is just too small to work with, which is why you need to get creative. It’s even harder to rearrange a small room; the space is too small, and trying to change the furniture layout might not work. However, you can use the following ideas to create a better living space:

1. Use multipurpose furniture 

Since you can’t add more space to your small room, the next best thing is to use multipurpose furniture to conserve space. You need to rethink the functionality of everything in your home.

You can start by swapping one of your tables for a retractable table. The typical dining table is too bulky and consumes too much space, which you’re trying to save. Despite these downsides, dining tables are comfortable and indispensable for most homeowners. However, you can swap the bulky dining table for a retractable table that offers the same functionality and more. Picture a table that turns into a mirror when not in use.

You can also try the convertible sofa bed, which is perfect for guests. It’s well-designed and can adjust into three positions. If you prefer an upright, flat, or recline position, you can adjust it via the click-clack mechanism.

2. Use vertical storage 

Remember, in college, when 4 people would sleep in a small room each in their own bed? It is the same as building a high-rise building on a small piece of land. Not everything will fit on the horizontal space, thus use the vertical space.

You can stack your stuff and save on space. For maximum impact, you can try shelving, preferably from floor-to-ceiling. This is an effective way to store your belongings as you can store the frequently used stuff on the lower shelves, and the less frequently used go to the higher shelves.

If the sight of shelves doesn’t please you, you can try using a pegboard to hang your things. Unlike shelves, pegboards are easier on the budget. They are shallower than shelves; thus, they won’t take up too much space. You can install the pegboard anywhere, even next to your bed, and use it to store your accessories.

Is your kitchen too small and cluttered with utensils? Why don’t you try a wall garden or wall-mounted bars? Wall gardens have so many advantages depending on how you install them. For example, you can use it to store cooking ingredients, living decoration, and add a little bit of greenery to the house.

3. Create the illusion of a bigger room 

Small spaces are confining and often feel uncomfortable. However, you can use smart lighting, colour techniques, furniture arranging, and well-placed mirrors to make the space look bigger.

Use mirrors to mimic the shape and size of a window. This is useful for rooms without windows. Buy or create a mirror that looks like a window and make it the focal point of the room. It can be framed or left as it is.

Have you thought of adding mirrors to your kitchen? It would look great and create an illusion of space, especially if the mirrors are strategically placed. The mirrors will help you monitor meals that are cooking behind you.

Highlight your hallway by adding mirrors to transform this dull and narrow part of the house. Preferably use hexagonal mirrors to add an aesthetic touch to your hallway.

4. Maximise your furniture arrangement

Furniture takes up too much space in a room and which why the first idea recommended the use of multipurpose furniture. If you prefer to keep your furniture, you can rearrange it to maximise the space. Start by placing the larger items close to the wall and ensure that the pathways are clear. Move any piece of furniture that is blocking your walkways to open up space. Also, choose furniture that’s the same colour as your walls. This ensures that the pieces blend in with the room, thus making it feel bigger.


Living in a small room doesn’t necessarily confine you to a cramped space. You can change a few things to make it feel like your own. Reduce the clutter and keep the space organized so that you know what you need. Keep everything orderly and anything you don’t need, keep it out of sight. Employ the use of mirrors and, if possible, buy large mirrors. You can hang them or place them against a wall. Maximise natural light and use mirrors to reflect the light.


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