Nobody likes clutter in the home; yet for some reason we tend to accumulate it. This is particularly true for living rooms and can be the main reason modern living areas appear small and lacking in space. Marie Kondo may be the clutter guru of the moment, but you don’t need expert advice to free up your living space, neither will you need to throw all your precious belongings into the waste bins.

Whether you need storage for your treasured vinyl collection or you’re simply fed up of constantly tripping over your child’s toys, the living room wall storage, understairs workspace solutions, and clutter free tidy tips offered below could inspire your own unique design and room layout choices!

De-clutter your living area, kick back, breathe deep… And relax

If your living area needs de-cluttering and refreshing, these ideas could help create the space and minimalist, modern appearance you seek.

  1. Modern homes and apartments often feature large, open plan living/dining/kitchen areas, and tailoring these environments to create homely and cosy zones or spaces can be challenging. Using modern, cube-based wall storage shelving as room dividers can help break up a vast expanse of open space to create different zones for living, dining, or eating. This idea works just as well within an industrial style loft apartment as it does in any modern town house! The great advantage of using shelving for dividing rooms is that you create loads of storage space for all your books, ornaments, lamps, pictures, dining accessories, and more…..
  2. The space underneath staircases is often wasted and just becomes a dumping ground for some of the things you probably should have trashed years back. No matter whether your home features an open, wooden staircase or traditional stairwell, opening up the space beneath offers lots of storage or workspace opportunities. Adding a low line up of L-shaped shelving with a countertop can give you the office space you crave, while also creating additional storage for all the clutter you prefer to hide away behind cupboard doors or drawers!
  3. If you’re creating your living area from scratch, opting for furniture with storage can be one ideal solution to clutter build up. There are lots of ottoman style furnishings that can be incorporated into living room layouts. Alternatively, vintage packing cases can make great coffee tables, yet also provide the storage needed to maintain your minimalist living area decor.
  4. Many newer homes have rectangular living spaces and very often don’t feature the nooks, crannies and alcoves of more traditional homes. Using the entire wall for storage is one way to customise the living area, while creating a design feature that has the utmost visual impact. Modern furniture and shelving designers offer made-to-measure shelving in a variety of finishes and sizes. These wall storage units are made to fit your unique space, and can be built to different heights, widths, and depth requirements. Whether you’re seeking a traditional bookcase effect or want to add a unique, wall storage unit with plenty of angles and open space display features, fitting a contemporary, made-to-measure storage unit from a manufacturer like Tylko, could be your ideal solution.
  5. Finally, one more unique storage idea to maintain your clutter-free living environment can easily be incorporated into the bay window layouts of modern home. Adding a comfortable, bay window lounging seat/sofa to the living room is an easy job for any decent carpenter. Incorporating useful storage space beneath the base of this seat will add another de-cluttering zone to your home, and it’s the absolutely perfect area for kids’ toys as they can be gathered up at the end of the day and stored away tidily until next time they’re needed.

The storage solutions you adopt for your home can often grow if clutter starts to build up again or if you move to a new home. Choosing high quality, dual purpose furniture that can meet your needs now and in the future can be key to creating the perfect and stylish layouts you desire. In addition, any time you’re bored of your existing room layout, switching your storage unit around and moving furniture could provide the solution needed, without any requirement for new furnishings or paint or decorative updates.


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  1. Thanks for this idea-packed post! We are presently transforming from a busy family with teenagers to a bare nest home, and I contemplate a lot of your ideas shall come in handy. We have many puzzles and games we wish to keep for when our kids are home for a visit. With such a living room organisation plus storage hacks, it is easy to keep the space neat and prepared for receiving our visitors!

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