IKEA has been supplying stylish and affordable home furnishings and accessories for over 70 years, and its first UK store opened in Warrington in the year 1987. Kitting out any new home or apartment is remarkably easy with IKEA on side, particularly in the digital age! One of the main advantages of shopping at IKEA is its one stop shop approach for just about everything related to the home; whether you need mirrors, sofas, wardrobes, planters, kitchen worktops and cabinets, or bathroom accessories.

Enduring popularity of the IKEA brand in the UK

Purists may scoff about the fact that IKEA furnishings are in every home they visit, but this brand has probably created some of the most enduring design classics for contemporary living, and continues to maintain effortless popularity within the sector.  It’s been said that IKEA’s flat pack furnishings revolutionised the way UK consumers shop for home furnishings. What’s even more fascinating to learn, though, is that around 20% of the UK’s children were conceived on IKEA beds! How on earth was that statistic researched?

One of the best things about this brand is that it always seems to have the ability to meet consumer needs. The 2017 roll out of snap fit wedge dowels for flat pack furniture assembly gave the new generation of easy fix, nest building millennials even more reasons to shop at IKEA, and made it a simple matter to set up a variety of different flat pack furnishings in minutes.

Some of the most enduring designs and iconic furnishings available from IKEA are discussed below.  However, another brilliant advantage of shopping in store at IKEA is that you never quite know what’s likely to grab your attention until you browse it’s current collections. So, no matter what your style and decor preferences, you’re sure to find furniture or accessories to suit when you head out on a shopping trip to IKEA or take time to flip through their entire online catalogue.

Iconic IKEA furniture pieces that really do stand the test of time and taste!

IKEA’s founder, Ingvar Kamprad, may have died in 2018, but some of the designs he created and launched for the brand are memorials to the focus he placed on simple, affordable and timeless furnishings. He started IKEA at the age of 17, and spent the next 70 years building IKEA’s popularity and international cult status.

The Billy bookcase has been an IKEA staple since 1978, and its simple lines will ensure its future popularity. One major consumer benefit to buying into the Billy line are the fact that it can grow over time. An array of shelf units can be purchased over a longer timeframe and will mesh together to create an entire library or feature shelving wall. Its other stand out feature is that shelf heights are easy to adjust, so room layouts can be quickly changed by simply altering displays and shelving arrangements.

The Poang armchair is another design classic that’s been flying out of IKEA  stores for more than 40 years now. Originally called the Poem, this chair was created by the Japanese designer Noboru Nakamura, and a footstool is now available in the collection. The armchair is available in a variety of materials, and upholstered in different fabrics and colours. Chair covers are also on sale, so upgrading any Poang chair on a regular basis is an easy matter.

Klippan is another collection that’s stood the IKEA test of time, with the original sofa design featured in stores from 1980.  The clean lines of this classic 2 seater sofa have stood the test of time, and IKEA have resisted any urge to go large or add chairs to the range, and retained the original design and a more compact version on sale. Covers in a variety of designs are always available, and these sofas can be reupholstered at any point in the future. You can even buy Klippan style dolls house furniture in store!

The outstanding line up of PAX wardrobe designs has also delighted IKEA’s legions of fans for years. Just like Billy bookcases, it’s possible to start off any collection with one simple wardrobe from the range, and build it into a customised range of wardrobes, shelving and cupboards as time goes by.

It’s difficult to flag up all the iconic designs created by IKEA over the years as there have been so many. Just some additional pieces to check out include the affordable LACK line up of tables, TV benches, and shelving, and the handmade, bamboo lattice pendant lamp Sinnerlig, which has become a cult collectible from the brand and was created by Ilse Crawford.


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  1. Ikea is my initial choice whenever I am shopping for furniture since they have many selections and as the costs are modest. Whereas I realise numerous individuals don’t want to buy furniture and to assemble it themselves, I don’t mind doing that if the price is excellent. I as well love the manner that Ikea has each of their items displayed in a way that you can envision how the furniture will appear when assembled. Most of the things are of good quality; I have never returned anything to this store.

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