If you feel like your sideboard is empty or looking completely basic, there are so many ways you could play with decorating items to make your sideboard look stylish. Styling your sideboard depends on its size and what part of the house you have placed it.

It might be in the bedroom or the living room. If the sideboard is in the living room, you can use it to display family photos, books, plants, or artwork. If you decide to have a sideboard in the bedroom, you can have personal items like jewellery, a mirror, or your set of perfume. Here are a few ways of styling your sideboard.

Have a Stack of Books

You can never go wrong with a stack of books. Having a stack of books is the number one way of styling. To style your sideboard, you can use hard cover books that you are interested in, pick the colourful ones, have bright colours, and the final look will be to die for.

You can arrange the books horizontally, and that will give you a bonus point. Some people prefer the vertical arrangements, which is still okay. You can get a stylish book holder to keep them in place.

Group Like Items

Grouping like items together is another trick to make your sideboard look stylish. You can have three similar indoor plants and three candleholders on your sideboard to add ambiance. At the centre, you can have three or two trays of curios.

Have Colour References

The biggest challenge that you might encounter while trying to style your sideboard is finding it hard to find the décor that will match your space. If this is the case, look for colour inspiration in your home. For example, you can get sky blue teapots to match your artwork or décor that will match the colour of your sideboard.

If you pay attention to colour references, your styling will be easier. If you are unsure where to get a sideboard or having trouble picking one, you can check Tylko shop for variety. You can get your sideboard custom-made.


Hopefully, from the above tips, you have ideas on what you can have on your sideboard and how you can style it.

If you don’t like to have photos or pieces of art hang on walls, a sideboard will serve the right purpose to place your artwork. Having a large painting on your sideboard will make such a statement.

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