The kitchen is the heart of every home and so it should reflect the personality of the owner. In this new decade, homeowners are looking for ways to revamp their homes and the kitchen space is no exception.  Last year saw significant applications of the shades of green in the kitchen. Deep green was used to balance up soft metallic, smoky glass, and latte hues that initiate a sense of opulence. Cosy banquette style and green cabinetry that dominated the cooking space in 2019, might still reign in 2020. Whether it is about a full kitchen renovation or minor upgrades, there are 8 design trends that modern kitchen owners should keep on their radar.

1. Modernised Traditional Styles

Doing a traditional style in 2020 requires the incorporation of on-trend colours and less clutter. With a few tenets of modern living, it is possible to create a streamlined space. Sometimes all that’s needed to refresh old cabinets is new chalk paint, moulding on the doors, or a new piece of hardware. When it comes to furniture, every piece should be chosen wisely and doesn’t have to be a matching set. Moreover, breaking up the furniture helps to eliminate the voluminous state of a traditional kitchen and provides some facelift to it.  Even a modern lighting fixture can bring upward attention. Or bold colours could be used to direct eyes to a new piece of art on the kitchen wall.

2. Gravity-Defying Islands

People living in apartments and would like to maximise an open space should opt for gravity-defying islands. What these elements do is reveal more space while acting as extensions of the kitchen architecture. Others produce a chameleon effect that closes the gap between vintage and contemporary designs. For instance, the cantilevered island features a single leg holding the entire unit. Functional but minimal, it prompts a utilitarian sense that may align with various decorative elements.

3. Ceramics and Terrazzo

Ceramic and terrazzo are welcome in all types of the modern kitchen be it on the floor, décor, worktop, island, or tableware. Ceramics are delicate yet authentic. They stimulate elegance especially when used together with wood. Terrazzo is the other material in vogue in 2020. Its texture, colourful nuances, and vitality are out to decorate many kitchens this year.

4. Two Tones

The all-white kitchen design is a thing of the past. Forget even the matchy-matchy styles of the last decade. The hottest trend is about integrating two hues, especially in the cabinetry. Creating an interesting twist can transform the whole feel of the space. Depth and character are better added by dark units contrasting brighter shades in other parts of the cooking area. The trend goes beyond a simple contrast to the wall paint. From the tabletops, islands, to cabinets, this two-toned pattern provides the freedom to experiment with different elements. It is okay to play around wood grains, rich textures, sleek laminate, and matt finishes. They can be juxtaposed to strike an instant interest.

5. Statement-Making Backsplashes

Large backsplashes continue to swing in popularity and are becoming more elaborate. A statement backsplash can serve as both a focal point and a piece of art. This year, homeowners are mixing them with unique lighting. As the flair grows, traditional homeowners are shifting form neutral colours for backsplashes to bold and fun shades of yellow and pink. It is always good to have unexpected colour pops so that regular sinks may look special and custom.

6. Tuxedo Cabinets

The tuxedo-style cabinet combines dark tones at the base with a lighter top. As such, the unit puts an emphasis on the lower cabinets without forgetting to compliment the walls. This approach gives the illusion of a taller ceiling where it is low in reality.  It is also a perfect way to break the monotony of monochromatic cabinets.

7. Hideaway Storage

Often, people spend time in the kitchen socialising and unnecessary mess may come about. Hideaway storage is being introduced for practical purposes as well as streamlining the overall appearance. Breakfast stations with easy access pocket doors have now become must-haves in the cookhouse. They are used to store common appliances such as toasters and espresso machines that usually clutter the countertops.

8. Out-of-the-Ordinary Materials

The last few years saw homeowners integrating unconventional kitchen materials which are still expected to be used more in 2020. Brass sheets on backsplashes and countertops are ideal for kitchens where a unique feel is desired. They also provide durable surfaces. Leather-wrapped cabinets are another style that set up a luxurious impression. Faux leather is one of the affordable ways to improve depth, texture, and a bit of playfulness


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  1. I approve that you got to keep the kitchen stylish and modern in this era when you are updating your home. I am planning on carrying out my kitchen remodelling sometime this year. It is taking a bit lengthier since I need to save sufficient cash to get my dream kitchen plus appliances that shall go well with the design. Thank you for sharing the newest 2020 tendencies for kitchen designs. I will bookmark this right away!

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