A new interior design season is here, and we’ve been looking forward to its rich colour palette, cosy textiles, and, most importantly, the opportunity to incorporate the latest interior trends into our homes. Autumn is a season when you need a little more warmth, colour, and a laid-back vibe in your house to make it a place where you can thrive. Here are some of the best fall decor trends of 2021.

Gourds and Pumpkins

While imitation pumpkins and gourds are perfectly acceptable, the real thing can help connect your home to nature. Furthermore, selecting natural decor can be a fun autumnal activity to do with friends or family. Here are some ideas;

Table Runner

You can make a stunning table runner by clustering pumpkins and gourds in the centre of your table. Make sure the gourds and pumpkins are of varied sizes to add visual interest. You can also add greenery and berries, leaves, and candle pillars for a more lovely table.

Pumpkin Vase

Carve a pumpkin for your vase and fill it with anything you want to make it more interesting. You may either plant something in it or hollow out a pumpkin and put a plant in its container (mums would look lovely in one).

Decorating with Lots of Candles

Candles are another fad that can decorate your space any time of year, but they’ve been particularly trendy this year. Specifically, scattering candles over your home’s different surfaces may give any room a warm, opulent vibe. This style is particularly essential after a challenging year—who isn’t eager to be comforted by gentle fragrances and sparkling lights?

Whether you choose a scented candle in your favourite aromatherapy type or want to keep things simple with plain candles, the look is still ideal for the colder months.

Decorating with Floral Prints

Muted flower patterns are all the rage this season, whether you’re thinking of changing the wallpaper, bringing in some new art, or throwing on a couple of throw pillows. Darker, vintage-inspired floral patterns, in particular, seem to be the star of the show.

Vintage Books

The curated bookshelf has gained a lot of momentum in the last year, and what better way to fill that bookshelf than with specially designed ornamental books? Many online and antique stores are following the trend of collecting books only for aesthetic reasons. This style may be perfect for you if you like a literary, cosy feel.


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