The festive season is the one time of the year when it’s important for interiors to stand out. Family, friends, and a sprinkling of unexpected guests can be expected to call over throughout the Christmas and New Year holidays, so the festive displays in your home will need to stand up to scrutiny!

Create a visual impact with  DIY Christmas decor in your home

Creating your own festive decorations is one way to ensure stand out displays, and your primary focus needs to be on the overall visual effect. This means building a DIY Christmas interior that’s rich in colours and texture.

Primary considerations, therefore, will be colour, themes, and materials. Red, green, and gold have tended to be the main colours used for Christmas interiors over the years, but in 2019 blue joined this colour chart. All shades of blue are now considered essential Christmas glamour, so trendy modern Christmas decor will incorporate any shades, from pops of turquoise and aquamarine to the deepest midnight blues. When it comes to creating a festive theme for the home, opting for the simplest bounties from nature can be used to create the overarching but traditional visual impact. These natural goodies can be jazzed up with the addition of homemade decorations to display your design flair.

How to DIY decorate your living space for Christmas

Follow this simple guide to create a simple, yet elegant, festive feel in the home this year:

  1. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, take a step back to critically view your main living space. This will be your principal entertaining space for the season, so it’s important that this area has most impact. Most living spaces have features that can optimise Christmas decorations to the full. This could be a traditional fireplace with mantel, built in bookcase, or a central coffee table. Using these to centralise your Christmas decorations maintains the balance within the room.
  2. Once you’ve decided where to place your main festive decorations, box up or cover existing ornaments and objects. For example, your bookcases may be full of books and art displays, simply covering these with a layer of cotton wool snow or even a simple white cloth gives you a snowy backdrop that will work well with your festive decor. You could also think about using solid blues or reds for any festive backdrop. Once you’ve cleared the primary decorating spaces, you can fill the gaps.
  3. Getting out and about into local parks and countryside is an essential way to source natural Christmas decorations, and it’s also brilliant for burning off a few calories prior to the festive feasting! Of course, if you’re lucky enough to have plenty of greenery in your garden, this may not be such a chore. Take sharp scissors or secateurs along on your walks, and keep a lookout for interesting finds. Collect as much greenery as possible, including holly – particularly if it’s displaying prize red berries -, branches of beautiful evergreen fir, pine cones, and twigs. You can also add bark and stone into the mix for an even more natural feel.
  4. Now comes the most important task. Creating your DIY festive display. Dress your fireplace, shelves, bookcase, or table with all this greenery and any other outdoor finds. Your mantel or fireplace will achieve instant Christmas uplift!  Swathe the top of a bookshelf or built in cupboard with fir branches, to add an aromatic hint to the ambiance of the room. Tie your DIY display together with pops of colour and sparkle. Adding the odd red or gold bauble to any natural display gives instant focal points, scented candles in festive holders or candle sticks build height into the display. Spray popcorn bright red and sprinkle it strategically across your decorations. As you build your festive display, you’ll recognise just what finishing touches are needed to impress and delight visitors to your home.
  5. Add elegant twigs to a vase or decorative jar, then simply dress them with baubles or berries for an instant decoration that can be moved around the home to suit your preferences. Subtle use of silver or gold spray can add more festive appeal to twig displays.
  6. Different areas in your bookshelf can be optimised for Christmas displays; whether you want to add ornaments, trinkets, or an entire nativity scene. One important tip is to keep stepping back to ensure the overall visual impact is not too much!
  7. Tie bows or hang baubles inside colourful frames, then mount them on interior walls to create another instant decoration.

Complete your DIY Christmas makeover with your Christmas tree, a few twinkling lights, and then sit back, relax, and enjoy this festive season to the full! Merry Christmas.


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  1. What’s Christmas devoid of bright lights plus sparkling ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree? With these super ideas and some imagination, I will make these beautifications with my kids at home. It is just unfortunate that I only saw it now. Though, I would make sure I save it for 2020 December. Hope you can come up with another blog for other festivals as well. Thank you so much for this stunning DIY Christmas adornments!

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