There is a reason for the name “Living room,” it is by far the most important room — the space you spend your conscious time around, you watch your cosy movies with your family and perhaps the area you use while reading your favourite books. So, it is not surprising to feel a need to decorate your Living Room. This guide is to help you decorate your Living Room walls so that you can feel like it is straight from an Italian home decor magazine:

Find Your Style

Do you struggle to pick a piece of art, home furniture or envy your friend’s effortless selection of his style? You should perhaps start by finding your style— take a long look at your closet and notice the colours of your clothes, fabrics, and patterns you gravitate toward. You might find an absolute answer, but you will see the natural fashion tendencies that will help you choose your interior design style.

Inspiration from Objects

Display objects that inspire your design. Work with sporting objects like surfing boards by leaning them strategically towards your living room walls. The rick is trying to decorate your living room wall by adding functionality to it. Note, if it doesn’t feel chic, don’t force it; instead, try something else like a large piece of art or even a mirror.

Hung an Art

Something dynamic that cat easily attracts attention can be more valuable than the traditional painting or a print. Be creative with your wall spaces. You can mount a giant television screen above your fire space, use something artistic to fill blank spaces. How you hang your art is significant to the whole picture— hanging it too high is a common mistake. The art should be at eye level, and since people are usually sitting in the living room, the art should be lowered. A good trick is to hang it one hand width above your sofa.

Organize Your Gallery Wall

Start with a big piece of art and hang it on the wall slightly above the sofa, add two more miniature art to the left of the more significant art to create a gallery grouping, and bring in a vessel with a plant to the right of the big picture for some life. On the opposite side, bring in a collection of books and add one or two items like a geo crystal. Make sure your sideboard matches the room.

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