Our living rooms are the best places where we spend our family time, entertain our loved ones, or even read our favorite books. Having the right living room arrangement sets the tone for the rest of our home’s décor and showcase our taste of style and designs. The best living room layout has a mix of color palettes, patterns, trends, layers of texture, and a variety of different furniture designs.

We will share with you some layout ideas to kick-start your next living room arrangement and also, give you different ways to liven up your lounge.

Incorporating different sofa designs

Having different furniture or sofa designs in your family room layout can create a dynamic new look to your room as well as give it a high-end look. Furthermore, it brings out a genius look for your sitting room space.

Separating living room spaces with sleek screen

Placing an antique screen in your lounge breaks up the space between the living room and the dining room and offers an excellent place to hang items such as bags or scarves. It also gives your living room an enticing new look.

Incorporate a garden inside your living room

You can have an indoor garden in your house. Flowers and indoor plants offer inspiration and airiness into your living space. Therefore, placing a tall open bookcase in front of your front room window not only give your house a new look but also add to the beauty of your living room.

Add multifunctional furniture in your lounge

Multifunctional pieces of furniture such as a chair that has a platform bed and inbuilt storage can add aesthetic into your lounge. It also reduces cluttering the house with lots of furniture hence creating free space. Furthermore, the right furniture arrangement also adds to styling and comfort.

Create space for natural light to pour in

If your lounge has windows that can access natural light, ensure you don’t put dark curtains that block light from illuminating your space. It helps make your living room more open and airy. Besides, choose lighter shades and semi-sheer shades to ensure that more natural sunlight flows into your house. Doing this will change your living room layout drastically and noticeable change. Having chandeliers that create contrast and intrigue can add on the design too.

Choose an appropriate rug

Select a large carpet with a bold pattern. It makes your lounge feel bigger and also offer a design that can be used to match the rest of your house decor.

Arrange your furniture and TV stand afresh

Best living room arrangements with TV helps in keeping your sitting room cozy and inviting. It requires you to arrange your TV stand and seats close together and intimately. Moreso, this can be appropriate if your lounge is small in size. You can also incorporate shelves and custom-made furniture into your sitting room design to add more style to your lounge area.

Pick a dark color paint for your living room walls

If you are looking to change the look and layout of your front room, select a dark, glossy wall paint. It creates a fresh, sophisticated interior design. Then ensure you select bright furniture to create a contrast and make the space more intriguing.

Have artwork displayed strategically

You can incorporate pieces of art into your new living room layout. Artwork helps trick the eye and accentuate the size of your lounge. Besides, a gallery wall makes your sitting space feel larger and add beauty to the room.

Install new lighting designs

To make your lounge layout change felt, you can choose lighting and attach it to the walls or hung them above on the ceiling to create more floor space. For instance, swing arm lamps free up space on side tables and add more beauty in your house. You can also have the sitting room TV stand design have some color lighting to add on the charm.


You can focus on custom-fit furniture and shelves to put in your lounge and come up with ideal sitting room layout ideas that set you unique. Therefore, the above ideas can help you in creating a new design for your lounge.


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  1. For a long time, I never knew the best way to arrange the furniture, whenever you walk into the living room, there is a huge window. Right next to it there are sectional couches in front of that window that faces my TV; I am not contented with the manner it appears and will be considering what is in this post. This is a supportive post with numerous great tips! I particularly like the simplicity of the content as its simple to understand!

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