t is easy to see why so many people get excited about living coral, the Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2019. This welcoming hue exudes life and warmth, which energises and soothes at the same time. As a vibrant and versatile colour, living coral makes an ideal addition to any dwelling’s interior design – whether it’s a modern apartment or a rustic house. What’s unique about this bright hue is its warm orange and pink blend that has made it so popular both in the interior design and fashion industry. For those who have fallen in love with living coral, here are 8 interesting ways to enhance your home interior using this welcoming colour.

1. Brighten Up the Bathroom with Warm Living Coral Undertones

This season, give the bathroom a fresh and modern look by adding bold living coral undertones to its fixtures and fittings. You can always start with the walls and incorporate the colour into other neutral tones to warm up the ambience. This can be done by adding coral accessories, such as shower curtains, towels, and soap holders. Another great way to create a bold statement in the bathroom is to use orange and pink LED lights.

2. Accentuate the Kitchen Walls with a Dash of Coral

While some people may prefer neutral and subtle colours like magnolia or white for the kitchen and dining room walls, the colourful shades can provide a striking balance between light and bright tones. This is where living coral comes in as an excellent option for kitchen walls. Tip: if you’re not too keen on coral walls for the kitchen, incorporate indoor plants in living coral pots to enhance the neutral kitchen wall colours.

3. Use Coral Accents for Colour

When it comes to home decorating, using coral accents or orange-toned pink in any room of the house makes the space look and feel uncluttered. Simply pick a few coral or pink accessories and strategically place them around the house. Some suggestions include adding decorative pink vases or flowers to the living room, accent rugs in the bedrooms, and coral tablecloth on the the dining room table or coffee table.

4. Experiment with Coral Lighting

Who said the 2019 colour of the year has to be confined to home decorations? Coral lighting is just as important in creating a warm ambience as wall paints and furnishing. For example, a girl’s bedroom can have a soft pink lampshade to create a relaxing atmosphere. Pink or orange lights look especially elegant when combined with neutral decorations.

 5. Furnish the Living Room with Coral Furniture

Neutral interiors need a trendy add-on colour to accentuate them, and what better shade than living coral as the best solution. Coral couches in a minimalist home or coral cushions placed on chairs and light sofas will work perfectly well.

6. Paint the Living Room Walls in Coral

The most basic makeover to give to a living room space is by painting the walls in coral. Since this colour is associated with relaxation, warmth, and boldness, painting one or more of the walls of the living room with a coat of coral will create these moods. For smaller living rooms, however, it would be better to opt for a feature wall in coral with some precious decorative items on that wall as the focal point.

7. Use a Minimalist Decoration Design For Smaller Rooms

To revamp a compact room, consider combining neutral colours with living coral and apply it to the decoration. No matter which room in the house is chosen to remodel, living coral will work perfectly as a minimalist decoration design. For example, the bedroom or study room walls can be painted or wallpapered in coral for a playful ambience, while the bathroom cabinets or kitchen tiles in coral will benefit from the shade’s relaxing vibe.  By adding this vibrant tone to any room of the house, it will make you look forward to coming home after a long day at work.

8. Match it with Nautical-based Themes

Professional interior designers will tell you that nautical-based themes go perfectly well with living coral, not just because of their mutual sea-themed look. But nautical doesn’t necessarily have to bring blue shades to the mind. Greens can also complement a warm colour like coral. To go one step further, combine the blues and the greens with living coral in the bedrooms and bathroom to create a nautical-based theme in your home. Children will especially love this theme in their bedrooms.


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  1. Living Coral is filled with lots of joy plus optimism. It looks flawless on my entryway. As visitors come and go, they take up a sense of contentment. The spirited power is ideal for an accent wall that will take any home design a notch higher! Infuse Living Coral inside your decoration in patterns. It appears fantastic with both small and huge prints; hence you can blend patterns like a pro!

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