Whether you’re grabbing a slice of toast before work in the morning, or hosting a family brunch for Mother’s Day, a well-designed breakfast nook will brighten any kitchen in any home. The best bit? Breakfast nooks should be as cosy as possible, which means that it doesn’t matter if you’re lacking in floor space. Creating a breakfast nook is the ideal way to express your personality and complement your home, with minimal cost and effort.

Go Retro

1950’s diner-style design can be cute, kitsch, and fun, but too much retro design can easily overwhelm a space. The best way to incorporate it into your home is in small pops, like in a kitchen breakfast nook. Reds, greens, and checkered prints are cheerful and charming, and the best part is that vinyl surfaces are notoriously easy to wipe-down and clean. Be careful not to overdo it- tall chrome diner-style stools or cute checkered tablecloths are the easiest way to add some pizzazz.

Something for the Kids

With wine cabinets, hot ovens, and sharp utensils, the kitchen can often feel like a grown-up space. A great way to make little ones feel welcome in the kitchen is by creating a breakfast nook designed specifically with children in mind. Create an art station by adding pots of pens and paints, and frame their masterpieces behind the table to add a personal touch to your breakfast nook. Don’t be afraid to bring in bright-coloured chairs or tablecloths to keep the space fun and playful.

Scandi Style

If you’re looking to create a space in your kitchen that is clean, calming, and serene, look towards Scandinavia. Nordic-style design prioritises clean lines, decluttered spaces, and understated colours, without looking drab or boring. Light blues and greys make for a subtly sophisticated breakfast nook, and make use of natural light by situating the space by a window. Don’t forget to add cosy touches to balance out the cool colour tones, such as scatter cushions or even blankets.

Use a Corner

Something simple to consider when creating your breakfast nook is how you can take advantage of features already built-in to your kitchen, and maximise the potential cosiness of the space. If there is a particular corner of your kitchen which is currently being neglected, why not transform it into a cosy breakfast spot you can enjoy every morning? A small L-shaped sofa or bench can fit neatly into a corner without taking up too much space, and is an easy way to create a cosy atmosphere.

Pop of Colour

Kitchen design is often practical and subdued, with neutral colour palettes, sleek chrome finishes, and open spaces. If you’re looking for an easy way to spice up your kitchen, use your breakfast nook as a way to express your personality and creativity in an otherwise neutral space. Choose bold shades you love, or try out wacky prints on tablecloths or cushion covers. There are no limits to how you can design your space- let your imagination run wild!

Get Hanging

If you’re an art lover, a kitchen breakfast nook can be the ideal place to display your favourite pieces. Treat as your own mini art gallery- you’re the curator, and can pick your favourite artworks to hang above your breakfast station. Every morning you’ll be able to soak in the art you love, and it’s a great way to subtly reflect your tastes and personality to house visitors.

Create Storage

If your kitchen is running low on storage, creating a breakfast nook can be the perfect way to solve the problem. Kitchen benches with built-in storage space are always a popular choice, and are a useful way to store extra tableware, linen, or kitchen utensils, while keeping the rest of the room clutter-free. An alternative to bench storage is the traditional kitchen cabinet, which is a great way to put your favourite kitchenware on display when storing it.

Rustic Vibes

Rustic design is a popular choice for kitchen interiors, and for good reason. It creates a charming, authentic, traditional atmosphere, without the need to move into an actual farmhouse. It’s surprisingly easy to recreate by yourself. Choose exposed wood tables and chairs covered with natural fabrics in earthy tones, such as linen or hessian. Add fresh flowers to the table for an extra ‘wow’, and be sure to avoid dark colour palettes, and instead opt for light creams or whites.


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