Most parts of a house are designed to be functional and aesthetic. But the master bedroom is a bit different because it is the only intimate corner for relaxation and sleep. Every detail must emphasize a calm and quiet vibe. It should feel naturally peaceful in addition to that cosiness you crave when away from home. Because it is a master suite, the level of luxuriousness has to be high. However, this doesn’t mean going overboard in luxury or purchasing expensive items. Here, we look at quintessential elements of a master bedroom and how to style them.

1. Lighting

The lighting design should be properly selected. A single chandelier is not enough. There is a need for decorative fixtures from pendants to spotlights. Neon lights and a variety of floor lamps help to create a warm atmosphere. When choosing bedside and ceiling lamps, it is imperative to consider the stylistic aspect and colours of the rest of the items in the room.  Plastic lampshades do not augur well with certain designs say the Provencal. Where natural light is desired, blinds or curtains are a must.

2. Storage

Master bedrooms are equipped with dressing areas for comfort and functionality. A built-in wardrobe or a cabinet saves the user from chaos. More often, mirrors are put before the cabinet to give a sense of breadth. It is good to bring a chest of drawers for bedroom at the forefront instead of tucking it away. One of the best organisation systems is the built-in closet. It can be custom-made to fit into the owner’s preferences. For temporary solutions, open shelving provides a modern feel.

3. A Sitting Area

A retreat in the bedchamber is always welcome at the end of a hectic day. A sofa, private perch, or a chair beside the window creates multifunctional space for winding up. The modern version of a wingback chair would be a great reading spot. A comfy couch next to the window is a peaceful nook for nursing mothers to relax when not feeding the baby. It can also be placed overlooking the garden or pool area. Another sitting area is a fireside bench where lovers can cuddle up.

4. Walling

Wallpapers, decors, paintings, and 3D panels give character to any wall. Proper art is vital to a master bedroom where only a few elements are included for visual interest. If possible, wall décor should be used as a focal point for different functional areas in a master bedroom e.g. beside the dresser, above the bed or above a seating area. Walls that seem too blank need some decorations. Variety is the key when choosing walling pieces. It is okay to try out various textures, frames, artistic materials, colours, shapes, and sizes.

5. Floors

Nothing is more agonising than stepping on a cold floor with barefoot immediately after waking up in the morning. It is advisable to avoid stones and tiles because these materials can get very cold. Heating can be a solution but it may not fit in all circumstances. Some flooring materials that resemble wood would be more appropriate if installed on the floor. Laminate, parquet, carpeting, and floorboards are perfect examples. They not only give warmth to a bedroom but are also soft to step on.

6. Headboard

A headboard is an anchor item that ensures your pillow doesn’t fall off the bed. People think of it as a sanctuary element but you can use it to personalise your master suite. A stylish headboard renders the whole room more comfy than the bare wall so it becomes easier to fall asleep. Bold patterns and hues make the room pop.

7. Upholstered Foot Bench / Foot Trunk

Most people don’t know that the foot of their bed is a potential centrepiece. In fact, it should be in line of sight when someone walks into the bedroom. It can serve as storage or undressing space. Even better, an upholstered bench adds a punch of a swanky pattern. Sticking with neutral tones on the walls and leaving patterns to accent pieces presents an upscale appearance.

8. Textiles

Textiles are related to the texture which contributes to how people perceive a room. A master bedroom requires a cushy feeling that invites a positive attitude. That homey feel is possible with textiles aplenty. The bedding materials are fundamental and should be layered in a variety of fabrics from shearling, silk, to down. It is about organising a beguiling place of rest you never want to leave. A blanket or throw rug on the seating area also serves this purpose.


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