Styling a bookcase is a great way to add a personalised touch to your space. You can actually make a bookshelf the focal point of your living room. But you don’t need to be a professional designer to get all the books and accessories well-organised. You can learn a few tricks to make the whole ensemble on a shelving unit visually appealing.

Traditionally, people pile up books in a vertical manner. But with the rise of modern bookshelf styling or rather shelfie, more dynamic arrangements have emerged. One of the recent bookshelf ideas includes stacking books in horizontal and upright patterns. You can also cluster your favourite books by size and colour to add more interest. A spectrum of shades arranged systematically looks great on your wall.

Start taking your bookshelf styling game from ordinary to phenomenal with these simple tricks and tips.

 1. Start with a Flexible Custom-Made Design

Before you start styling, you need to understand your type of shelf. If you don’t have one, consider getting a Tylko’s made to measure bookcase. These are bespoke solutions with greater flexibility. They are designed with multiple compartments, taking into account the size and type of space. Made to measure furniture provides a cost-effective solution for your storage needs. To save your money, get a unit directly from the manufacturer rather than through a retailer.

 2. Big and Strong Come First

Start filling the compartments with larger items first e.g. artwork and baskets. Starting with smaller items can leave you confused at the end of the project. The reason large items should come first is to get a good balance and a basic layout. Give your shelf some height by adding the taller stuff first. This can be a ginger jar, sculptural glass or vase. That way, you can establish a proper scale of the finished vignettes. In the end, your bookshelves will look nicely full.

 3. Provide a Structure for Every Shelf

Before you get to the accessories, choose a standout piece for every shelf. Your shelves need an anchor piece for building out the vignettes. Choose something with significant weight so it can serve as a mini focal point for each compartment. Examples include a potted plant, decorative box and a sculpture.

 4. Adopt a Theme

Each compartment requires a harmonious feature. You can adopt a particular theme like the coastal style where you add such pieces as coral glass jars and seashells. Think of a bowl filled with rocks or a sea fan. Make your home full of life with the tropical trend by including natural elements like potted plants, vibrant leaf designs and pebbles. Try natural living room storage ideas with book spines featuring neutral tones. Metallic objects can enhance your shelf style with a pop of bling. As you mix up the metals choose either cold hues such as nickel and silver or warm colours like gold, copper, and brass.

 5. Choose Your Books Wisely

If you want to be making expertly-decorated bookracks, you have to be very choosy about the books you buy. It could be the best-selling item on Amazon but will it fit into your interior design goal? For the perfect décor, consider arranging books according to the colour of the compartment. Unless you have more than 2,000 books, this should not be a problem.

6. Introduce Artwork

Artwork in a living room requires some creativity but doesn’t have to be expensive. Take your homemade pieces of art to make your custom bookcases more beautiful. Paintings can provide an authentic touch while posters can create perfect framed pieces of art. The best thing about artwork is that you can swap them as the seasons change. The artwork is best placed at the back of.

7. Arrange items in odd numbers

Items arranged in odd numbers have a more balanced look. Arranging books in this sequence is easy: simply put 3, 5, 7, 9, or 11 books together. You may change the height and scale of a few pieces if the arrangement doesn’t seem to work.

Every homeowner should be empowered to create professional-grade shelfie. Like an interior designer, make use of the best bookshelf ideas to make your shelving units as pretty as they are useful. Note the colour schemes, texture and metallic elements. These are going to be the tricks you need to make your units stand out. Hide smaller items with baskets, glass jars and containers. If you want to add accessories to your collection, make sure their colour can stand out against the back of the shelf or wall. If you surely want to enjoy styling bookcases, think of this decorating project as a fun activity and not just another organising routine.

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  1. Shelf arrangement is one of my preferred things to do when I am at home. I have been going through all these articles that beautify a bookcase, and I am baffled by your website. You have some excellent, imaginative bookcase styling ideas! I love them so much, I am persuaded to print this page plus do my bookcases precisely the same way. Please carry on sharing your inspirational decorating notions!

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