Scandinavian-style interior design has seen a massive surge in popularity over the past few years. Functionalism, minimalism, and charming simplicity characterise the Nordic aesthetic, which brings warmth and cosiness into any space, without any of the clutter. It’s surprisingly easy to bring a little bit of ‘hygge’ into your home, without having to redesign the house. If you’re looking for Scandinavian interiors inspiration, check out our ideas below on how to easily recreate Nordic chic.

1. Warm Wood Finishes

Wood is a popular material used in Scandinavian interior design, and warm wood tones are a great way of bringing warmth and cosiness into a space while still retaining a neutral colour palette. Carpets are rarely seen in Scandinavian homes, so try warm wooden flooring for an easy way to recreate the look. Wood is also extensively used for decorative aspects of Nordic design, such as tables, chairs, and shelving. If you enjoy mixing materials, try combining light wood finishes with hints of metals, such as brass or copper, for an extra shine.

2. Fresh Greenery

Scandinavian interior design frequently draws on inspiration from the outdoors, so what better way to achieve this than to bring some of the outdoors into your home? Real plants are a better choice than artificial, and they’ll thrive if placed in a corner of the house which gets a lot of natural light. If you’re looking for something different to the usual greenery, even fresh bouquets of flowers can breathe life into a room. Any use of the natural elements adds to a Nordic aesthetic- whether it is pebbles from a nearby beach, or conkers from a local woodland.

3. Modern Furniture

If you’re looking for Scandinavian-style furniture to decorate your home, look out for modern designs, neutral colours, and clean lines when shopping. Although it’s tempting to choose more traditional-style furniture when trying add ‘cosiness’ to a room, Scandi-style interior design favours minimalist flair that still manages to feel warm and cosy. Try sofas in muted grey tones, or chairs and tables with smooth rounded edges to minimise the harshness that sometimes accompanies modern-style furniture.

4. Fireplaces

In Scandinavia it’s common for homes to have a fireplace in the corner of the room, adding authentic warmth and light to a space. Instead of facing everything towards the television set, consider angling your furniture towards the fireplace instead, instantly boosting the ‘cosy factor’ of the room, and at the same time encouraging family time to be spent in other ways than just watching TV.

5. Ambient Lighting

Scandinavian homes receive very little natural light during winter months, and much of the day is spend inside the house, so warm, ambient lighting is key when recreating Scandi-style interiors. Try layering lighting for added cosiness- ceiling lighting fixtures, floor lamps, and wall lighting are all easy ways of achieving the look. Don’t be afraid to use candles either- there’s nothing more ‘hygge’ than a naked flame. As previously mentioned, fireplaces in living rooms are also a fantastic way to bring warmth into the home, and promote a soothing, relaxing vibe.

6. Warm Textures

Scandinavian interior design is commonly associated with cool colour palettes, but a room decorated with soft, warm hues makes the space instantly more inviting. Textiles and upholstery are both great and easy ways to achieve this, without stretching your budget. Try chunky-knit blankets draped over seating areas, or thick faux fur rugs to warm your feet during the colder months. Natural textures such as linen are also a great way to recreate a Nordic aesthetic, whether in bedsheets, chair covers, or curtains.

7. Keep it ‘Lived-In’

While Scandinavian styles do favour clutter-free homes, part of the ‘cosy’ aspect of the aesthetic comes from it retaining a feeling that the space is still used and enjoyed by its inhabitants. Contrary to usual interior design advice, the Danish ‘hygge’ philosophy embraces the idea of the unmade bed, which enhances the ‘cosy’ feeling of a bedroom. While it is encouraged to keep your space clean and tidy, a curated selection of practical, aesthetically-pleasing items should be left out on display to add individual flair and personality to an otherwise minimalist space. When adopting a Scandinavian style, be sure to adapt it to your own tastes and needs for maximum effect.


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  1. These are all gorgeous advice! My soul mate and I have begun hunting for our first residence, and I am expecting to turn it into a Scandi-inspired villa! The correct lighting and attractive wooden floors are perhaps the two things I shall concentrate on most – however also possessing a clutter-free home! Everything is so lovely in this blog wherein you can become inspired to discover that Scandinavian sensation yourself, despite wherever you are.

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