Creating a warm and welcoming home is easy when you adhere to a few basic traditional interior design principles. Whether you would like to permanently change the appearance of your home or you are simply trying to create a transitional room, the options are endless.

Stay away from dark walls

One of the key elements of traditional home design is light. If the walls in a room are painted a dark shade, it is virtually impossible to achieve this. Get out your paintbrush and give the room a quick once over. When choosing colours, it may be a good idea to opt for neutral colours like white, cream or beige. Alternatively, you could choose a light pastel shade for your walls.

Add structural embellishments

Many traditional homes get their serious sense from the mouldings used in the space. Look for ornately decorated mouldings that can be attached to your ceilings. These add a wonderful sense of drama to any space while drawing the eye to other features like chandeliers or chimneys. You could even add mouldings to your fireplace to transform it to a turn of the century masterpiece.

Invest in traditional furniture

Use furniture to create a traditional interior design without having to make structural changes to the home. Find well-made pieces like ball and claw tables or solid wooden couches and solid wooden settees. To add a modern spin, pair these with more modern furniture items like glass coffee tables and modular bookshelves.

Air out your inherited rugs

Antique Persian rugs are the perfect addition to any traditional living space. They are an easy way to add a sense of opulence without making any permanent commitments. If you are creating a transitional space, simply roll up the rug and return it to storage on the days you are craving a modern and streamlined design in your living room or bedroom. In addition to making an outstanding floor covering, a Persian rug can also be used as a unique wall decoration.

Say hello to curved lines

A prevalent feature of traditional design in the home is the strict avoidance of straight lines. When shopping for traditional items in a modern shop, look for items that are spherical or items that are designed using a series of flowing organic lines.

Go for heavy curtains

Curtains are easy to change, which makes them the perfect solution for individuals who are looking for a quick fix for their traditional interior design needs. When looking for the perfect window treatments, remember that heavier curtains are more conducive to a traditional look. Layer heavier velvet curtains with the thinnest of muslin drapes to create an impression of sumptuousness in the home.

Wallpaper is a blessing

Nothing screams traditionalism like a papered wall. Although they require a little commitment, a decorative Fleur de Lis wallpaper creates a warm and welcoming impression in any room. If you opt for a luxurious wallpaper, you may want to keep other decorations so that nothing distracts from the magnificence of the walls. However, using the main colour as an inspiration for your accents helps to create a cohesive design.

Take advantage of symmetry

A simple solution for those who are not ready to take the plunge into traditionalism is to rearrange their furniture. Moving items to make them appear more symmetrical is a great way to bring your home into line with classical design principles. When adding art to the walls, make sure a piece of equal size and quality is added on the adjacent wall. The same goes for furniture, place armchairs across from one another with a love seat in the middle.

Accessorize to your heart’s content

The aim of creating a classical space is to have a space in your home which feels cosy and welcoming. Let loose and include all of your beloved souvenirs and trinkets. Not only does this add to the overall appearance of the room but it also shows your guests that it is not a decorative shell, instead,  a great deal of thought has been put into all of the little details.

Chandeliers are your new best friend

In modern design, chandeliers are often viewed as being an over the top addition to the home. However, if you opt for a classical style in the home, they are one of the best purchases you could ever make. Not only do they add a decorative element to any room but they also provide ample amounts of luminescence to brighten up your living space.


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  1. Wow, what some beautiful ideas on steps to creating a traditional home that will be envied by my buddies. I love reading your posts because you are always on point. I distinguish that lighting transforms your walls, but I am still curious as to what paint colours to utilise in the dining and living rooms. I hope you don’t mind replying to this comment.

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