What time could be more perfect than the beginning of a new decade to upgrade your home? If you have been using the same design ideas, 2020 is the time to refresh and revamp your interior décor. This doesn’t mean you have to do a complete remodel of the house. An upgrade could be as simple as adding a new masterpiece to the living room. Or you could drop a striking statement by integrating one of the hottest home design trends. Stay ahead of style this year with these unexpected ideas.

1.High-Contrast Hues

This year is the best time to give houses a puff. But there is no need to go overboard- moderation is the key. A good example of a high-contrast colour is white but has been in use for a long time. Apparently, black is having a great moment. A side table in dark wood looks great with light-coloured hardware. On the other hand, a chair with a white frame would create a striking ensemble if furnished with black fabric.

2.Art in the Kitchen

Good pieces of art are not only meant for the living rooms and bedrooms. The kitchen also deserves some artistic finishing touches. Most people think about a kitchen as a cooking area and not as another room in the house. But art gallery absolutely belongs to the kitchen as well. Photographs, wall charts, and fridge prints are some of the best ways to upgrade this décor. It is worth noting that art is not necessarily painting and prints. Stove grates can be repurposed into geometry and cabinet shelves can be used to display items that reflect the homeowner’s sense of style.

3.Classic Blue

Navy or classic blue is the Pantone colour of the year 2020. Luckily, it is one of the most versatile yet sophisticated shades. By offering the right amount of contrast for both contemporary and vintage styles, navy blue can give a quick upgrade to a home layout. The shade gives a dignified look without going totally black.

4.Regal Canopy Beds

Who said canopy beds must be cloaked with heavy fabrics and heavy headboards? The modern versions are constructed in metals and acrylic to create sleek upholstered frames. Yes, this is a comeback that is making regal canopy beds a reality.

5.Rattan and Wicker

It would be wrong to assume that rattan and wicker are furniture materials meant for summer holidays. While they are mostly used indoor, the naturally woven furniture pieces can create intricate patterns whether placed in the dining room or living room. They are evolving in exciting ways to create a balance between traditional and contemporary designs.

6.Flower-Power Wallpapers

Floral wallpapers bring some freshness into a home. A wallpaper that complements the interior elements effortlessly revamps the entire home. Sure, they have been used for years and the pattern will continue to trend in 2020 thanks to modern updates. Some of the versions that are here to stay are in bold colours and metallic in nature. They especially look great on entrances and washrooms.

7.Cosy Upholstery

Comfy fabrics for couches, pillows, and benches will be all over in 2020. The luxe grand velvet is now a thing of the past. People are gravitating more towards casual leathers, soft mohairs, and shearling.

8.Patina Decor

Homeowners are now appreciating patina accents. Trending colours such as terracotta and clay bring a sophisticated ambiance to walkways and tables. Some patina decors come in the form of metallic sculptures punctuated with decorative images. Ceramics and earthenware are not left behind in this trend.

9.Standalone Bathtubs

A free-standing tub in a master bedroom is one of the freshest home décor ideas of 2020. A luxurious soaking tub can be a centrepiece to transform your house or small apartment. The sheer beauty is its most obvious benefit. While there are numerous models in the market, it is good to choose tubs with advanced features e.g. LED lights and waterjets. A standalone tub is designed for relaxation because there are no shower curtains around so it is very easy to clean. You can even place it in an outdoor bathing area.

10.Cabinets in a Pop of Colour

Leave behind the all-white kitchen style and try a new décor with colour pop cabinets. This design entails the use of daring colours in such items as kitchen islands, shelves, wall and base cabinets. There is no harm in painting them blue, green, dark red, or bright yellow. Natural wood can bring an airy and bright vibe to kitchen décor.


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  1. Great post! I love that most of these are upgrades that can suit my place. I need to change out old cabinetry knobs, faucets, window treatments, faded paint and light fixtures. With such effortless tips, I will straightforwardly upgrade the space into something fresh. Altering details like accents goes a long way to offering any home a new feel—I highly recommend this post!

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